A short-term loan is a type of mortgage typically used to finance the purchase of residential or commercial property purchase. The borrower pays interest on the amount borrowed over a short period – typically up to 10 years. A common feature of these loans is that they are often used by investors who want to buy and sell properties quickly.

The important factor in choosing between a residential or commercial property loan will be the type of property you are buying, as well as your personal financial situation.

The Lowdown on Short-term Loans When Buying Residential Properties

A short-term loan is a type of financing typically used when buying residential properties. These loans are usually offered by lenders and are available for three to five years. They are also called bridge loans, construction loans, or interim financing. Short-term loans can be used to finance the entire purchase price of the property or just part of it. The borrower will then have to make payments for the remaining amount until the loan matures and gets paid off in full.

Reliable and straightforward Short-Term Loan for Your Commercial Property Purchase

Buying a commercial property is not always easy. You may need to borrow money from a bank or private lender.

Bridge Loan: A bridge loan is a short-term loan typically 3 to 12 months in length that can help you get over the hump that comes before the closing of your home purchase. They are generally used as an interim financial aid option while you’re waiting to close on your home or have approved offers in hand.

A bridge loan allows you to continue making monthly mortgage payments in the meantime. Borrowers typically use these loans to make improvements and repairs on their homes or for home remodeling.

Commercial Property Loan: A commercial property loan is a loan taken out to purchase a commercial property. The borrower can be an individual or a company. If the borrower is an individual, they may need the loan to buy a piece of land and build their own commercial property on it. Or, if the borrower is a company, they may need the loan to purchase an existing commercial property and then lease it out for profit.

Strategies to Secure a Fast and Simple Short-term Loan for Holistic Development Projects

The best strategies to secure a fast and simple short-term loan for holistic development projects are when the borrower has a good credit score and property or asset that can be used as collateral.

Suppose the borrower does not have an asset and/or credit score to use as collateral. In that case, it will be challenging to secure the said loan. However, if the borrower can secure their own financing, they may get a loan for more than $5,000.

If their credit score is not favorable, the next step could be to reach out to a local bank or credit union. When looking for potential investors, defining your intended use of the funds is essential.